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Flatfoot – Symptoms, prevention, treatment.
Flatfoot - is the most common type of foot deformation and is characterised by a reduction in the height of the forward or lateral arch and a resulting decrease in the spring capabilities.  
Children’s Orthopaedic shoes.
Occasionally parents visiting our shop have difficulty choosing orthopaedic shoes for their child. In such cases our staff are able to help and advise them as there are certain guidelines to follow that are very important – especially if they are healing shoes - as it is a responsible task that ensures the correct development of the foot.  
Surgical correction of foot deformation.
In the cases of severe foot deformation conservative treatment is not usually effective and surgery is required.
Valgus Deformation of the Hallux.
Hallux Valgus Abducto is the name commonly given to the frequently occurring  modification of the metatarsophalangeal joint with  the valgus deformation of the hallux and the formation of osteophyte on the medial side of the metatarsophalangeal joint.
Hammer deformation of the Hallux.
Statistically women have been shown to be more prone to this problem and it is the second toe that is generally affected. This condition is unfortunately one of the more difficult foot deformations to correct.
In Moscow many people are in need of orthopaedic shoes. They are widely used for joint and arch correction, reducing pressure on the ankles as well as for prevention and treatment of other foot conditions.